How To Choose Your Summer Fragrance In 2023?

How To Choose Your Summer Fragrance In 2023?

The season of beach parties, late-night walks, barbeque nights, swimming sessions, and outdoor activities is here. These bright sunny days are all about citrusy and floral fragrances that keep you energetic and fresh all day long. It is completely impossible to wear the same fragrance all year round and that is why you need to pick and choose scents that trigger your senses and uplift your mood. Perfumes are the right representation of your personality, so no matter what fragrance you wear, they should make you feel happy and confident. Everyone loves changes, and as sunny days are approaching, it’s time you put your bold scents right back in your wardrobe and look out for some fresh ones. Some tips on choosing the right summer fragrance in 2023 are:

  • Choose Your Style 

The fragrance that you choose to wear is all about you and what you love to wear. Perfumes are a true reflection of who we are. They have the ability to be linked to any memory or experience. When it comes to picking up a fragrance for summer, the choices available are numerous. You can either go for something floral like jasmine or lilies or choose a citrusy fragrance like mandarins and berries. It is all about what suits you and the occasion. 

  • Wear The Right Concentration

When it comes to the fragrance industry, the term “concentration” matters a lot, it’s like the foundation of this field. You might have come across the terms EDT and EDP, meaning Eau de Toilette and Eau de Parfum, respectively. When it comes to choosing an option for summer, EDT is the right pick for you because it is lightweight and can stay for a long time on your body. On the other hand, EDP becomes quite heavy for this kind of weather.

  • Floral And Citrusy Notes

Summers are all about long beach days and fun-filled nights. As the weather is very hot, you need to choose scents that add light and freshness. In such a season, you cannot even think of going with heavy and dark notes, though some people stick to their signature scents no matter what happens. For the summer season, you need to go with rose, vanilla, jasmine, oranges, berries, mandarins, lemons, lilies, sandalwood, bergamot, etc. 

  • Layer Scents

We all love layering when it comes to fragrances. Though, you should be careful with this concept on warm days. You need to choose the combinations wisely. If you are putting on sweet scents, then use them with floral ones. Similarly, spicy notes go with the citrusy ones. This way, to make sure that you turn heads all around you, it’s better to maintain a perfect balance in your layering process.

  • Don’t Decide Hastily

Your scent is all about you, and that is why you should pick it quite wisely. Spray the scent and wait for some time until the notes settle down. When you first spray the fragrances, you’ll only smell the top notes, and the fragrance changes as it settles down. Thus, you must wait until it reaches its end point before you make a purchase. Usually, perfumes are bought because of their top notes. So, just pick the one you think is right for you.

Make sure you look at these tips before you add some new, hot, and trending fragrances to your perfume collection, this summer.

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