5 Best Perfumes For Men Under Rs.1200

5 Best Perfumes For Men Under Rs.1200

5 Best Perfumes For Men under Rs.1200- No matter how well you dress up, if you are not smelling good, you will not be able to make a good impression. Perfumes help you to boost your confidence and are an add-on to your personality. It is not necessary to wear an expensive perfume to smell good, but you can also choose some budget-friendly fragrances. Make sure that you choose a fragrance according to the occasion. You can choose between subtle and strong fragrances. Gone are the days when buying perfume used to burn a hole in your pocket. There are many affordable perfume brands available in India that ensure that you smell good all the time. The right fragrance will complement your personality, and you’ll get everyone’s attention for sure. You can also experiment with different fragrances before you find the right one for yourself. 

Some of the Best Perfumes For Men under Rs.1200 are-

This fragrance is from the famous perfume house, Ard Al Zaafaran. The scent is fresh because of ingredients like rose, jasmine, vanilla, and oranges. This perfume is perfect to wear on your late-night dinners, as the fragrance stays on for a long time. The fruity notes in the fragrance make it quite exceptional. The balance of all the ingredients in this perfume makes it a best-selling fragrance. Once you start wearing this fragrance, you will be addicted to it.

Reasons to buy it?

  • Long-lasting fragrance
  • Perfect for the whole day
  • Budget-friendly choice


If you are looking for a unique fragrance, then Najdia from Lattafa is the right pick for you. This is a long-lasting fragrance that has amber and musk at the base. All the notes are blended in a certain way to create this special fragrance. For all those men who love to wear fresh fragrances, this one scent is just the right pick for you. Just apply 3–4 sprays of this fragrance, and you will smell fresh all day long.

Reasons to buy it?

  • Crafted with the best ingredients
  • Good for daily use
  • Perfect for the summer season


Maison Alhambra has come up with a fragrance for men that will uplift your mood. No. 2 Men is a warm and spicy fragrance at the best price. All the ingredients, like lavender, ginger, and musk, are blended in the right proportions. This fragrance will soon become your signature scent once you start wearing it. The base notes of sandalwood and vetiver make this scent a good pick for all seasons without a doubt.

Reasons to buy it?

  • A masculine fragrance
  • Stays for a long time
  • Ideal for everyday use


One of the most elegant fragrances for men from the house of Nusuk is Oud Wajaha. It has oud as one of the ingredients in the base notes, which makes this fragrance woody. The scent is full of citrusy and floral notes, which makes it the right pick for the summer season. This fragrance is very light, which is why it fills the overall space with freshness. The fragrance is full of refreshing notes, and you’ll love wearing it.

Reasons to buy it?

  • Good masculine fragrance
  • Can be worn on all occasions
  • Long-lasting fragrance


Fragrances should make you feel relaxed, and Perfect Oud is one such amazing fragrance. This scent is sweet and has oriental notes. The fusion of all the ingredients, like violet, bergamot, vanilla, and musk, makes it quite lively. As the fragrance has musk and amber, it adds warmth to the fragrance and makes it suitable for all occasions. This scent also has vanilla in it, which gives it a sweet touch. 

Reasons to buy it?

  • Ideal for all-day
  • Value for money purchase
  • Long-lasting fragrance

So, if you are looking for the best perfumes for men under ₹1200, then pick the right one according to your taste. 

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