Considerable facts about the perfumes

All of us love smelling fabulous and that is the reason spraying perfume has become an everyday ritual for us. We all just can’t leave the door without spraying our signature scent. Though you have to face many hurdles before choosing the right perfume for yourself.

Spritzing our favourite scent makes us feel confident, happy, energetic and fabulous. The art of perfume making started during Egyptian time and has gone through a series of innovations since then.

Keep the below-listed points in mind when you go for your next fragrance shopping spree!

The right way to apply perfume is on the pulse points

If you are spraying the fragrance all over you, then you are doing it completely wrong. The best way to maximize the smell of your scent is to apply the fragrance to certain areas of the body such as the pulse points. A pulse point is a place where blood vessels are closest to the skin. They radiate heat and eventually, the fragrance travels from skin to air.

Moisturizing before spraying a fragrance

Applying a moisturizing lotion or cream helps the fragrance to stay longer if you are spraying the perfume on your skin directly. The other alternative to keep your fragrance last longer is, spraying it directly after you have taken a bath as then the skin is damp, and it retains the molecules in the perfume.

Don’t rub your wrists after spraying a scent

Fragrances are made by combining top, middle and base notes. The top notes are delicate and evaporate faster as compared to the base notes. The base notes last for a longer time. If you rub your wrists then the structure of the perfume gets imbalanced and distorts the scent.

Not all perfumes are hair-friendly

Some people have the habit of spraying perfume even on their hair. This is not a good habit as sometimes perfumes contain alcohol which can damage your hair. If you still want to use perfume on your hair, you should use alcohol-free scents and spray it on your comb, first.

Don’t sniff coffee beans if you are trying out new perfumes

Many fragrance stores keep a box of fresh coffee beans that are supposed to give you a cut-off when you are trying out different perfumes. Though you may be surprised to know that coffee beans actually confuse our brain more. It is better advised that you sniff something familiar to you.

Take a break in-between trying different scents

When you spray a fragrance on your wrist or on a blotter paper, you only get to sniff the top notes for a few minutes. For a better evaluation, you have to wait for some time so that you can smell all the notes and have a choice.

Not all perfumes are made with natural ingredients

We are living in an era where there is mass production of perfumes. Using all-natural ingredients in manufacturing is not a feasible option. That is why nowadays, manufacturers have started using synthetic compounds which are less expensive and long-lasting.

Women love men fragrances more

As per a survey, one-third of the total men fragrances sold all around the world are mostly worn by women. This is the reason that manufacturers are coming out with more unisex fragrances.

This Is The Right Time To Make Your Scent Game Stronger!!

Browse through our exotic collection of perfumes and look for your signature scent.

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