How To Use Attar in The Right Way?

How To Use Attar in The Right Way?


Attars or Ittars are made from rare flowers, spices, woods, and resins. They can be worn in all types of seasons. You can make the  fragrance of your attars more long-lasting by learning how to use attar in a correct way or which is the best suitable way for you to use attars.

Let’s firstly know more about attar

The word attar or ittar is derived from an Arabic term that means scent or something that gives you a good aroma or smell. They are generally natural perfume oils that are derivatives of different types of flora and fauna. Attars are distilled naturally or through a process of steam and hydro-distillation.

The main reason that they are sold in small quantities is that they are highly concentrated.  For summers you can go for refreshing attars like those made out of rose, jasmine, etc, and for winters you can choose attars made with musk, saffron, etc to keep your body warm.

The best part about attars is that they are alcohol-free and detrimental chemicals. In ancient times, flowers and plants were kept in water. After some time, they infused their fragrance in water, and later the semi-solid parts were removed from the container. Arabic attars come in different styles of crystal bottles that are very beautiful and unique.

Now, let’s find out some ways on how to use attar in the best possible way to make them more long-lasting.

The Traditional Way of Application:

The best way to apply attars is directly to your bodies or clothes. They are applied with the roller head of your perfume bottle or with an applicator stick. All you have to do is to take one or two drops of attar in the palm of your hand or inner wrist and gently rub your palms together.

To apply attars on your clothes you have to rub your hands with attar on your clothes. Due to this, your perfume oil will spread over a large area and your clothes will also not get spoiled in any manner. Though in any case, you are using a dark coloured attar then you need to test it beforehand on your clothes.

You Can Apply Attars Directly on Your Hair and Skin:

Take small drops of attar and apply them directly to your inner wrists, behind the earlobes, on tips of your hair, or your beard. You will not smell the actual fragrance of the attar immediately. You have to wait for some time so that the fragrance of the attar settles down, and then you’ll get the actual fragrance. Apply the attars on the pulse points as they are ideal activators of the scent.

How To Use Attars on Your Body?

There are some key points that should be kept in mind before using attars on your body to make it more long-lasting-

  • You should apply attars with clean hands.
  • Some people could be allergic to attars, so better do a small patch test before applying it.
  • It is better to apply attar with moist hands.
  • If you are using a dark coloured attar, make sure it absorbs before you wear your clothes, or else your clothes will get stained.

Stay tuned to AllArabic if you want to get some more tips on how to attar and other topics related to the fragrance world. If you want to but your favourite attar explore our amazing collection.

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