Are you using perfume in the wrong manner?

APPROPRIATE WAY OF USING THE PERFUMES – Stepping out of your place without spraying your favourite perfume seems impossible. Fragrances have become an integral part of our lives.

You may have noticed that sometimes when somebody enters a place, all heads turn to them because of the fragrance that they are carrying. People have a common assumption that this happens because they are wearing a huge amount of perfume, but that is not the case. They are just wearing perfume in the right way.

Each and every perfume has three notes – Top notes, middle notes and base notes. Let’s take the example of Blue Oud by Nusuk. It starts off with sea notes and pineapple then melts into a mixture of geranium and bay leaves and ends with oud, patchouli, ambergris and oakmoss. It is important that before you purchase a perfume you test it and get yourself familiar with all its notes.

You should use perfumes in a certain way so that you make the best use of them. Some of the common perfume mistakes that you are probably making daily that you have no idea about are as follows-

You are spraying all your scent on your clothes

When you directly spray the perfume on your clothes you will get watermarks on them. Such watermarks can be easily seen and do not make a good impression if you are going out somewhere. You can put on perfume before you wear your clothes.

Not spraying from the right distance

If your skin gets wet whenever you are spraying a perfume then you are not doing it the right way. The ideal distance to spray perfume is somewhere around 5-7 inches from your body. Also, on the other hand, if you keep the spray far away from your body, you will waste a lot of perfume. So, spray ideally.

Shaking the bottle of perfume before you use it

People believe that it is a ritual to shake a bottle of perfume before you use it. This way the ingredients in the scent will mix up together, and its composition will change. Remember, your expensive glass bottle can also slip from your hand and break if you shake it up with much force.

Don’t spray too much perfume

Sometimes when you wear perfume you feel heavenly, and you overdo the sprays. Do you think the individual sitting next to you feels the same way? Keeping this in mind you should never over-spray your perfume as it can cause headaches to others around you, and even you can fall into the same category.

Perfumes do not cover up smells

If you believe that perfumes are a replacement for a shower, then you are completely wrong. No amount of sprays can save your day and bring you cleanliness. Perfumes cannot hide bad smells but can certainly do the worst. This means that there will be a mixture of smells, and you’ll be at risk.

Don’t use perfume on dry skin

Before going to a party what we focus on is our makeup and our outfit. We do not pay much attention to our scent and do not wear it in the right way. This is the main reason that the fragrance fades away after some time. If you want to make your scent last longer use it on damp skin.

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